Frame your view with the beauty of wood.
For a sophisticated, individual look, wood is the natural choice. Aesthetically, no other material can match wood’s elegance and charm. Windows made of composite materials, such as vinyl or fiberglass, try to mimic wooden windows with plastic or thin veneers, but none have been able to capture the texture, depth and beauty of the real thing.

Wood windows are made of specified wood varieties, which determine the hardness, look, and architectural advantages of the windows. Mahogany, Douglass Fir, Eastern White Pine and Western Red Cedar are typical varieties of windows found in the northeast region of the country. And each species has a distinct feel and personality all its own. Wood windows have the advantage of traditional appeal and the ability to be painted or stained to match other architectural elements.

Wood is also the practical choice. It’s a superb natural insulator. When finished properly and maintained, wood is extremely durable and resistant to time and the elements. Unlike metal, wood produces no condensation, making it well-suited for high humidity environments. Wood windows can last more than 50 years if maintained properly, while new materials like fiberglass and vinyl have not been tested at that duration!

Wood is a naturally sustainable and renewable resource. It required less energy to produce than any other building product. The thermal properties of wood complement energy-conserving glazing innovations.

Suntech works with architects, builders and homeowners alike to provide almost any variety of wood, custom shape and/or size window.

Suntech is proud to carry quality products from the following brands and suppliers:

Swiss Shade
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