Endless possibilities and applications.
Smart Glass contains special liquid crystals that become see-through with the flip of a switch. Operating on regular electricity from your existing wiring, our products power module AND panel (glass) is UL approved and uses about the same amount of power as a night light. Suntech supplies and installs this product in both residential and commercial applications. Smart Glass can be used anywhere privacy is desired – shower surrounds, waiting rooms, observation rooms, bathrooms, home offices, and many more. Smart Glass can also be the back drop for projectors!

Smart Glass is often glazed in to other types of glass so it can be used for external applications, such as insulated windows that have exposure to the elements. Suntech has the expertise to ensure it is installed safely and correctly.

Suntech is your source for Smart Glass in CT or almost anywhere else, for both supply and installation. We can and will ship this product anywhere in the US or Canada. With smart glass, you can now have switchable privacy. Suntech is able to install this technology in most areas surrounding CT.

YouTube Video of Smart Glass

Smart Glass – Switchable Privacy Glass Video