Suntech Window and Door Outlet is a source for residential curtain wall systems in the greater CT area. We are able to install glass curtain wall in retro-fit, new construction and renovation situations. Suntech will work directly with a homeowner, architect or partner with another builder to get the project done right. Curtain wall is a specialty, and is not the same as regular windows. We are proud to be able to offer this service, and continue to hone our skills. Because we are affiliated with Suntech of CT, we have the know-how to install and source almost any curtain wall system, in both commercial and residential environments. Curtain wall is a great choice for large spans of glass wall, multiple or single story. They are almost always thermally broken; the inside stays one temperature and the outside stays commensurate with the outside air temperature. Suntech has worked with MANY companies such as Duratherm, Kawneer, Efco and Wausau to name a few.