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Smart Glass – Switchable Privacy Glass

 Endless possibilities and applications. Smart Glass contains special liquid crystals that become see-through with the flip of a switch. Operating on regular electricity from your existing wiring, it is UL approved and uses about the same amount of power as a night light. Smart Glass can be used anywhere privacy is desired – shower surrounds, […]

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Custom Laminates

[image title=”Custom Laminated Glass – A Fish” size=”full” id=”591″ align=”none” ]         New technology. Amazing results. With imprinted laminates, there’s very little that can not be done. This simple process puts your art, photograph or other print between two pieces of glass. Suntech offers custom laminates including polycarbonate, glass and other substrates. […]

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Allied Storm Windows

Click here for  Triple Tracks (Conventional Storm Windows) Exterior/Inside Removable Storm Windows. These exterior windows excel in situations where panels need to be movable or operable from the interior for ventilation, egress, or cleaning. Used typically for wood windows, they provide sash protection, as well as added security. The Historic One Lite (HOL) series is designed to […]

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Art Glass

Art Glass is perhaps a broad term for any type of glass mosaic, stained glass, or other custom piece in terms of windows. This piece is found near Pittsfield, MA, and was restored by Suntech of CT.

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Simulated Stained Glass

In some instances, simulated stained glass is the perfect fit for your project, and can be substituted for real stained glass because of design considerations, technical reasons, or simply cost.  Now, more than ever, the use of custom laminated glass can achieve results like stained glass, without the risks, costs, and set backs.

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