Many of the security windows we supply are made to order.  This type of window is often built to particular specifications, and they come in many different shapes and sizes.  Here are some general specifications:

Components which distinguish a security window from a standard window:

  • Multi-Chamber frame with steel inlays and A 3 burglar proof security glass
  • The technology of the Multi-Chamber System ensures maximum stability
  • Minimum 7 internal security locks. Even secured in the vent position (tilt).
  • Lockable handle
  • Drill protection
  • Installed with hardened steel bolts, amount of fasteners calculated per security level.
  • Completely foamed in with high grade Polyurethane Foam for added security
  • All together a secure envelope, from jamb to jamb.

Specifications for the Security Glass are:

Level A Security – ideal for private homes, businesses, vacation homes and homes on golf courses. All of the above described security components for the frame

Security Glass tested to DIN 52290 A specifications (The window has to withstand the impact of a 9 pound steel ball, dropped on the window from the height of 30 feet!)

Level B Security – ideal for homes of people with a high security risk, computer labs, energy centers, jails, police, detox centers, clinics, art galleries, museums, jewelry stores, banks and any other situation where heightened protection is needed.

Same frame as Level A
Security Glass tested to DIN 52290 B specifications (The window has to withstand at least 70 hits of a sharp and machine driven 4,5 pound axe!)

Level C Security – ideal where Bullet Resistant windows are needed

Din 52290 C tested for caliber from 9mm to .44 magnum.
Bulletproof levels C 1 through C 3 can only be ordered with steel reinforced aluminum frames.

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