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Bieber is a European custom wood window company that makes ultra-premium custom wood windows. Suntech can provide you with Bieber products in CT. Some of the features you will find with Bieber are present in many of the other high-end wood window companies. One distinguishing factor is that Bieber, unlike many of the other German […]

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Wooden Doors

Here are some beautiful pictures of wood and wooden doors. Are you looking for something special? Suntech can get it and install it for you. Take a moment to contact us. We can and often do work of off pictures, drawings, other houses and architectural drawings in order to help you get the door you […]

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(Replacement Windows) To Sash or Not To Sash

A lot of people and websites will say that there are condensation patterns to consider and curtains moving when the wind blows, and that is the best way to determine when to gut the old window. There is no divining rod. When deciding on which type of replacement window you want, you need to know that […]

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Security Windows Come in Various Configurations

Many of the security windows we supply are made to order.  This type of window is often built to particular specifications, and they come in many different shapes and sizes.  Here are some general specifications: Components which distinguish a security window from a standard window: Multi-Chamber frame with steel inlays and A 3 burglar proof […]

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Wood Casement Window

              There is a new generation of wood casement windows, now available with frame and sashes in extruded aluminum exterior cladding for long-lasting durability. Exterior cladding takes the exact shape of the wood structure to ensure great tightness and perfect insulation. Or, these windows can be made without a […]

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